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Secondary window glazing is the addition of high quality acrylic PLEXIGLAS sheet to your existing single or double glazing windows. It is simple to install and is held in place using our magnetic tape system. 

It traps a layer of still air between your existing window and the secondary glazing sheet. It gives you all the benefits of double glazing for a fraction of the cost of new double glazing windows.

It's a great option for people who want to retrofit  their perfectly good windows. 

  • Adds real value to your home
  • Helps you save on energy bills
  • Functions like new double glazing windows
  • Glass like acrylic is 17 times stronger than glass
  • Plexiglas has a 30 year guarantee of not yellowing
  • Reduces your heating and cooling energy consumption
  • Suitable for interior & exterior use

 It doesn’t affect the window’s functionality. Whether it’s a sliding, fixed or hinged window, you can still open and close them as you did before.